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Dimata Hairisma



Why a company needs Dimata Hairisma? 


Human Capital Value

The existence of company big or small lay on the quality of employees as one of the INTANGIBLE ASSET. Dimata Hairisma supports a company to manage these human capital smartly to achieve company’s goals.

Budget Control

Human resources curbs excessive spending through developing methods for trimming workforce management costs, which includes negotiating better rates for benefits such as health care coverage. In addition, human resources ensures competitive and realistic wage-setting.  Dimata Hairisma helps a company to manage budget and constraints. 

Conflict Resolution

Workplace conflict is inevitable, given the diversity of personalities, work styles, backgrounds and levels of experience among employees. A human resources through related data provided by Dimata Hairisma can handle employee relations matters, can identify and resolve conflict between two employees or a manager and employee and restore positive working relationships.

Training and Development

Through Dimata Hairisma, human resources can conduct needs assessments for the organization's current workforce to determine the type of skills training and employee development necessary for improving skills and qualifications. Companies can benefit from identifying training needs for existing staff. It's much less expensive than the cost to hire additional staff or more qualified candidates. In addition, it's a strategy that also can reduce turnover and improve employee retention.

Employee Satisfaction

Dimata Hairisma helps human resources to determine the level of employee satisfaction. With carefully designed employee surveys, focus groups and an exit interview strategy, human resources determines what underlies employee dissatisfaction and addresses those issues to motivate employees.


Cost Saving

The cost to hire new or replacement workers, including training and ramp-up time, can be exorbitant for employers. Dimata Hairisma can provide a well-constructed recruitment and selection process, the human resources function can minimize expenses regarding advertising job postings, training new employees and enrolling new employees in benefits plans.

Performance Improvement

Dimata Hairisma support human resources to develop performance management systems. Without a good system to construct a plan that measures performance, employees can wind in jobs that aren't suitable for their skills and expertise. Additionally, employees whose performance falls below the employer's expectations can continue on the payroll, thereby creating wasted money on low-performing employees.

Sustaining Business

Through succession planning that human resources develops through Dimata Hairisma, the company identifies employees with the promise and requisite capabilities to eventually transition into leadership roles with the company. This is an important function as it can guarantee the organization's stability and future success.

Steadfast Principles

Human resources ensures the workforce embraces the company's philosophy and business principles. From the perspective of a small business, creating a cohesive work environment is imperative. The first opportunity human resources has to accomplish this is through wise hiring decisions that identify desirable professional traits, as well as orientation and on-boarding programs supported by Dimata Hairisma.

Integrated Systems

Dimata Hairisma has integrated modules including recruitments, on-boarding new employees, training and development, databank management, performance appraisal, candidate and talent pools, attendance and leave, medical benefit, payroll, and more. Dimata Hairisma is also integrated to devices such as attendance machine, door control, web camera, email server, SMS gateway, and other Dimata systems such as Dimata Hanoman a PMS (Property Management System) by Dimata.

Proactive System

Dimata Hairisma shows and sends automatically information and notification of important information or discrepancies of data, e.g. information of employee birthday, request of leave approval, predicted unmatched schedule, etc. 24x7 Support of Dimata Team ensures the reliability and productivity of the system.


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